11 Must-Play Disc Golf Courses in Greater Peoria

trees on a disc golf course

Rumor has it disc golf dates back to 1926. A few Canadian kids invented it on an elementary school playground. Except they called it “tin lid golf” and probably got in trouble for whipping garbage can lids at recess. But nearly 100 years later, it’s one of today’s fastest-growing sports.

Popularity spiked during the pandemic after everyone finished Tiger King and wanted to get outside. Thousands of new courses started popping up worldwide, with an average of 3.5 courses built a day in 2020. Even ESPN and CBS Sports started covering frisbee golf. But the truth is, it was already popular in our neck of the woods. Our region has been a hotbed of the sport for years.

Every summer, the best disc golfers in the world come to Greater Peoria to play in the Ledgestone Open — the biggest tournament on the pro tour. This year’s Ledgestone Open will be the largest tournament in the world for the fourth straight year, with over 2,300 competitors set to play come August. Why here? Because we boast some of the best courses you’ll ever find. See for yourself below.

Bradley Park

Location: West Peoria
Established: 1984
Course Length: 5,823 feet

Bradley Park is the OG course in Peoria. It’s universally beloved by all. Built during the Reagan administration, people have been frolfing here for 40 years. Located in one of the most charming parks in our region, Bradley has everything you want in a course: elevation changes, ace opportunities, a wide variety of holes and picturesque scenery. Just be careful of the creek on 14!

people at play, various activities at Bradley Park
Northwood Park (Black Course)

Location: Morton
Established: 2021
Course Length: 10,500 feet

Good luck. Northwood Black is the hardest course in the world. Seriously. Here’s how Ledgestone President Nate Heinold described it: “That’s the hardest course in the world. It also has the most difficult hole in the world. Number 12, a 1,050-foot par-5; up the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.”

Grandmother’s house is where most people wish they could be instead of hacking their way through Northwood Black. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) decided this course is so challenging they’ll play the Champions Cup here this year (one of the tour’s major championships). Even the most experienced players get humbled at Northwood Black and question if they’ll return.

You know what? Maybe you should check out Northwood Blue below.

the trees of the Northwood Park (Black) course
Northwood Park (Blue Course)

Location: Morton
Established: 2002
Course Length: 5,943 feet

Even though it’s referred to as Northwood Black’s little brother, Northwood Blue is considered one of the top courses in Illinois. The PDGA held the World Championships here in 2019, as camera crews and spectators watched Paul McBeth edge Richard Wysocki by a single stroke.

Between the course design, variety and elevation changes, it’s a remarkable course to play. Fair warning, though: If you don’t hit your lines — you’ll pay the price.

a trail on the Northwood Park (Blue) course
McNaughton Park

Location: Pekin
Established: 1992
Course Length: 7,127 feet

Both locals and out-of-towners rave about this beautiful championship course. McNaughton’s a sight for sore eyes thanks to its diverse layout, rolling hills and tranquil woods. And if you pride yourself on how far you can chuck it, hole 18 is the ultimate test, an elevated 900-foot monster stretching as far as the eye can see.

McNaughton Park
Wildlife Prairie Park

Location: Hanna City
Established: 2010
Course Length: 8,828 feet

There’s more to Wildlife Prairie Park than wolves, bison and bears. They have an awesome championship-level disc golf course, too. It cuts through the woods and presents tight lines, big water shots and gorgeous scenery. Even if you suck, it’s still a great hike through nature. But if you’re shooting for a successful round, you better hope your hyzer and anhyzer are sharp. Just watch out for wolves, bison and bears.

Wildlife Prairie Park
Illinois Central College

Location: East Peoria
Established: 2005
Course Length: 5,270 feet

At Illinois Central College, you can knock out some gen eds — and play a ton of frolf. ICC’s course takes you through enchanting woods, offering challenging shots and total serenity no matter your skill level. If you’re on your game, many ace opportunities await. Don’t skip class to play, though.

Sunset Hills

Location: Pekin
Established: 2014
Course Length: 8,834 feet

One thing golf has that disc golf doesn’t is the option to whip around in a cart. Well, you can do that at Sunset Hills because this frolf course is smack-dab in the middle of a traditional golf course. There’s nothing quite like playing a round at Sunset Hills.

(Pro Tip: Treat yourself to a bite at their bar and grill in the clubhouse.)

(One More Pro Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for flying golf balls at all times.)

Sunset Hills

Location: Morton
Established: 2014
Course Length: 6,609 feet

Course designers in Morton don’t believe in “leisurely rounds.” Just like Northwood Black and Blue, Megiddo will have you fighting for your life if you don’t bring your A-game. Heavily wooded. Tight fairways. Elevation changes. Creek beds. It’s disc golf heaven for those who relish a good challenge.

trees and a path on Megiddo course
Washington Park

Location: Washington
Established: 1998
Course Length: 5,835 feet

Unlike the Morton courses, Washington Park is wide open and stress-free. Whether you’re a beginner practicing your mechanics, a veteran trying out new discs or just want to work on your base tan, you’ll have a blast at this pristine neighborhood park.

Washington Park course
Big Creek Park

Location: Canton
Established: 1999
Course Length: 5,279 feet

While most people were worried about Y2K in 1999, the Canton Park District was designing a course at Big Creek Park. Mother Nature gave them a pretty good canvas to work with in the form of hilly terrain, giant trees and scenic views. Get ready to add Big Creek Park to your list of favorite courses to play.

a disc golf basket at Big Creek Park
Roanoke Park

Location: Roanoke
Established: 2006
Course Length: 2,788 feet

We can thank two 15-year-old Roanoke boys for this gem. Back in ’06, Brock Magnuson and Brock Martin raised $3,500 to build this course in their hometown. And they hit it outta the park.

Roanoke Park has a nine-hole layout but features two tee pads and two baskets on each hole, making it an 18-hole course. This unique design allows for another 18-hole layout if you want to play the red pads to blue baskets and blue pads to red baskets. A tip of the cap to the Brocks on the vision and creativity!

a disc golf basket at Roanoke Park


That completes our list of the best courses in Greater Peoria. We’re grateful for those mischievous garbage-can-lid-hurling Canadian kids. A century later, there are more than 15,000 courses worldwide, with 70% of them built in the last decade, according to UDISC Growth Reports. That shows disc golf is rapidly growing.

And this blog shows why our region is the ultimate destination for the sport.


Some images were sourced from UDisc.