Glen Oak Park: A Kid’s Paradise

Close your eyes and imagine this:

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning, and you just woke up in your cozy bed. Outside, birds are chirping, and wind chimes are dancing from a warm, gentle breeze. Life’s been busy as hell lately, and you’ve earned some much-needed R&R. You take a deep breath, smile and say to yourself, “I’m doing nothing today, and it’s gonna be glorious.”

Then it happens: Your kids burst through the door like the Kool-Aid Man demanding pancakes and a full itinerary. They start hammering you with questions. “What are we doing today?! Can we do something fun?! Can I invite a friend? Where’s my iPad?”

Okay, open your eyes. In this scenario, your day can go from peaceful to chaotic in the blink of an eye without a sound plan. You need activities to keep them entertained all day. You also want variety since kids have short attention spans. And with gas prices where they are, limited driving would be ideal. So, where can you take them to check all these boxes?

Easy. Head to Glen Oak Park — featuring the Peoria Zoo, Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum and Luthy Botanical Garden. Check out the lay of the land here, then scroll down to see and learn more* about this family-friendly destination.

Explore Exotic Wildlife at the Peoria Zoo

Nothing captures the attention of little ones like the animal kingdom. The Peoria Zoo features over 100 species from all over the world. With exhibits like AFRICA!, Asian Trail and Australia Walk-About, your kids can see their favorite animals up close.

Unlock Creativity and Curiosity at the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum has been stimulating the minds and imaginations of young children since 2015. It’s where learning and playing go together like peanut butter and jelly, with rotating exhibits and educational programs for all.

Admire Nature’s Beauty at Luthy Botanical Garden

It doesn’t matter how old you are; a stroll through Luthy Botanical Garden is good for the soul. Since 1951, this five-acre oasis has been stunning visitors with its tranquility and beauty.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful outside to visit The Garden. They have a 2,500-square-foot conservatory filled with tropical plants, orchids and seasonal displays. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Luthy Botanical Garden provides valuable educational opportunities for children to learn about plant life, ecosystems and the importance of conservation.

Oh, and it’s free admission. Check out the map here — then plan your visit.

More* Fun Stuff at Glen Oak Park

The zoo, children’s museum and botanical garden are the feature attractions, but don’t sleep on the supplemental fun at Glen Oak Park! There’s plenty more* to explore within the park’s friendly confines, such as:

  • Tennis and pickleball courts
  • Soccer and baseball fields
  • Hiking and biking trails
  • Amphitheater (open-air concert and event space)
  • 3-acre pond to fish bass, bluegill, sunfish, bullhead catfish and more
  • Multiple playgrounds
  • Public picnic tables and grills for family cookouts

Nothing beats a family day. For an unforgettable experience, hit Glen Oak Park, a kid’s paradise — one of the many reasons we play greater in Greater Peoria.


Images sourced from Peoria Park District, Peoria Journal Star and Discover Peoria.