Discovering the Best of All Worlds

Leanne Skuse talks with a foreman on a construction site. They stand outside of the construction project.

Growing up in a small, rural community just outside of Peoria, Leanne Skuse discovered a passion for architecture and construction at an early age. After leaving the region to earn her degree at the University of Miami, she returned home with a fresh perspective.

“I don’t think it was until I went away to college and came back that I really grew to appreciate this region,” she explains, citing short commutes, cost of living and sense of community as significant advantages. “For me and for our family, this region has always provided more for less.”

Today, as President of River City Construction, Leanne and her team of talented professionals are dedicated to taking the region to new heights, literally. As a leader in the construction industry, River City Construction is committed to “building environments that enable people to do extraordinary things in work and life,” Leanne shares. That’s exactly what they’re doing — right here from Greater Peoria. “We’re headquartered here for a reason,” she adds, noting its central location and ease of access to markets around the Midwest.

Working her way up to the top of the company, Leanne found the most rewarding part of her job is the opportunity to work with brilliant people who are excited about getting the job done — and doing it right. She is also passionate about the generous and giving community she found in this region.

“The collective heart of Greater Peoria is tremendous,” Leanne declares. “The amount of giving back that our community does is incredible.” Outside of work, she has dedicated her own time to community initiatives related to education, health and wellness. Just like the community at large, she’s working hard to make Greater Peoria even greater.

Leanne Skuse and her family laugh together in a park. Her son playfully puts a frisbee on his dad's head.
Leanne with her husband and son at Donovan Park in Peoria

Having built a successful career while raising her family here, Leanne found the work/life balance that eludes so many today. From the arts scene to the great outdoors, from urban to suburban to rural living, she believes there’s something for everyone in Greater Peoria. “It offers the best of all worlds,” she affirms.